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Unishippers has partnered with more than 65 of the top national, regional and local less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers such as Estes®, YRC Freight and Saia® to provide you with the best rates and exceptional customer service for your LTL freight shipping. We evaluate our freight shipping partners on their reliability, rates and ability to meet the needs of our customers.

As a Unishippers customer, you’ll enjoy:

Save on LTL Freight

Reliable Savings

We work hard to maintain strong relationships with more than 65 LTL freight carriers so we can ensure consistently competitive rates for your LTL freight shipping. Unishippers has the volume, stellar reputation and leverage to provide you with savings on all of your freight.

LTL Freight Manager TMS

Efficient Freight Management

Our online transportation management system allows our shipping customers to instantly compare costs and delivery options, purchase affordable shipment insurance, and convert quotes directly to BOLs in one easy step.

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Exceptional Platinum Service

Your Unishippers office makes your LTL freight shipping process smoother by helping you with the legwork and advocating on your behalf. You’ll enjoy the convenience of one point of contact and one combined invoice for all your freight shipping – including small package.

Request an LTL shipping quote quickly with Unishippers’ online Freight Manager tool or by contacting your Unishippers office.



LTL Freight (Less-Than-Truckload) FAQ

How does LTL shipping work?
LTL combines small freight shipments from multiple businesses to form a full truckload. LTL trucking is a great, cost-effective option for any business that needs to send large or heavy items.

How do you price LTL freight?
LTL freight is priced based on the dimension of the package, distance needed to travel, the destination location type, and the freight class of a shipment.

How many pallets are considered for LTL freight?
If you have less than 12 pallets of goods to ship, LTL freight is most likely your best solution.

How can I get cost effective LTL quotes?
To get the best LTL shipping quotes, you want to compare quotes from several top carriers. Unishippers makes getting shipping quotes easy by pulling in estimates from 65+ carriers into one place.

How do I prepare my LTL shipment?
LTL shipments are handled multiple times before reaching their destination, so it’s of the utmost importance that goods are properly packaged to reduce chance of damage. To properly prepare an LTL shipment be sure to pay close attention to the packing, dimensions, required documentation, and labeling of the shipment.

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