Confirm Delivery with UPS® Signature Required Services

As a small or mid-sized business (SMB) owner, you’re no stranger to stress. And we get it — you’ve got plenty to think about! So when an opportunity for some extra peace of mind comes around, it’s worth looking into. That’s why we’re here to explain the benefits of UPS delivery confirmation and signature required services. While you may not always require these services, knowing they’re available when you need them can help you stay calm under shipping pressures.

When is UPS signature required?

With the rise of package theft (especially during the holiday season), signed delivery confirmation can give you peace of mind that your shipment was received and signed for before any “porch pirates” could take off with it. Signature requirements can be especially crucial when shipping important documents or high-value items that you want to ensure make it to the customer. UPS may also require certain goods (such as firearms, alcohol and pharmaceuticals) to be signed for upon delivery — your Unishippers support team can help guide you.

If your UPS delivery does require signature services (or if you allow your customer to request this option), be sure to relay this to the customer along with the shipment tracking information. This way your customer knows what to expect and can contact UPS if they need to redirect or reschedule the delivery.

What are my UPS delivery confirmation options?

Depending on what you’re shipping, there are a number of different UPS delivery confirmation options to meet you and your customers’ needs. Below we’ve outlined the different UPS delivery signature services, so you can understand which is right for you:

UPS Adult Signature Required

You are required to use this service if your UPS shipment contains age-restricted content, such as alcohol or firearms. In this case, the driver will obtain the signature (or electronic acknowledgement) of an adult recipient (at least 21 years of age) to deliver the package. You can view the signature on your account or using other online UPS shipping tools.

UPS Signature Required

We recommend using this service for your high-value shipments and other important packages. When you select UPS Signature Required service, UPS will not deliver the shipment without obtaining a signature (or electronic acknowledgement). It’s worth noting, however, that the signature obtained by the driver doesn’t necessarily have to be the receiver listed on the package.

Proof of delivery

Even if your domestic shipment doesn’t require a signature, you can still request proof of delivery for added peace of mind. With this service, UPS will send you a confirmation email once the package is delivered.

No signature required (standard service)

For those packages that don’t require a signature, you can move forward with one of the standard UPS delivery options. With standard UPS shipping, no signature is required upon delivery, However, you can still track the package online and request an email notification when the package is delivered.

Your UPS Shipments: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Shipping high-value goods doesn’t have to be high-stress! Contact your dedicated Unishippers team to learn more about signature required shipping and ensure your next UPS delivery is received safe and sound.

New to Unishippers? Our expert shipping strategists can help you with all your SMB shipping needs, from selecting shipping insurance to filing a claim and everything in between. Contact us today and see how Unishippers can help you streamline your shipping and grow your business.


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