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Tips for shipping big small package items

Can I Ship That? Understanding Small Package Shipping Limitations

Unishippers breaks down everything you need to know about small package shipping limitations, such as maximum weight and size.
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How to Get the Best UPS® Shipping Rates

We know that shipping costs can be a big expense for any business. And if you can find ways to cut costs, the return can go straight to your bottom line! As the small and mid-sized business shipping experts, Unishippers is standing by with tips to help you get the best rates on your small package shipping.

Ready for the Best UPS Pricing and UPS Shipping Rates?

Consider these helpful ways to lower your shipping costs:

Don’t settle for base rate.

Trying to negotiate shipping rates may have you feeling like a small fish in a very big pond. That’s where we come in. As one of the largest UPS resellers, Unishippers offers competitive UPS shipping rates for your express, ground and international shipping, combined with dedicated customer service that is normally only available to larger volume shippers.

Know the dimensions of your shipment.

In order to get the most accurate quote and to avoid additional charges and fees, ensure that you are providing the correct weight and measurements for your shipments. When possible, we also recommend comparing different-sized boxes since costs can vary based on the dimensions of your shipment.

Understand (and avoid) shipping fees.

It’s important to understand the most common small package shipping fees — and how to avoid them. Our helpful guide has all the info you need on things like address correction fees, additional handling fees, and more.

Choose the right delivery type.

Why pay for next-day delivery when you really only need ground? Make sure you understand which delivery option is best for your business — and plan ahead to give yourself a bigger shipping window — so you can take advantage of the lowest UPS shipping rate possible. Unishippers shipping consultants can also assess your shipping and make a recommendation.

Consider the difference between price and value.

Just because something is the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best value. Avoid additional costs and hassle down the road by using a reliable carrier that offers global reach and strong technological expertise for all of your small package shipping. You may also consider purchasing shipment insurance to protect your packages in transit.

Unishippers helps make small package shipping easier — and more affordable — for businesses like yours. Ready to start saving?