How To Get the Most Accurate UPS® Quote

“Surprise!” It’s a great word when it’s being used for parties, presents and finding a $20 bill in your back pocket — but not so much when it’s associated with your shipping invoice. If you’re not careful, unexpected fees and surcharges can quickly pile up and take a big bite out of your shipping budget. And that’s definitely not anyone’s idea of a fun surprise!

The best way to prevent unexpected parcel shipping costs is to obtain an accurate UPS quote — and the best way to obtain an accurate UPS quote is to follow the 3 B’s: Be precise, be clear and be savvy. Take a dive into the 3 B’s of accurate UPS shipping quotes and learn how remembering a few simple items can keep surprises reserved for the fun stuff, where they belong!

1. Be precise

The more detailed and complete information you can provide when requesting a UPS quote, the more accurate it will be. Part of your shipment’s cost is determined by the size and weight of the package. UPS calculates these costs based on either the package’s dimensional (DIM) weight or actual weight — whichever is greater. Guessing at your package’s dimensions or weight could lead to you paying more than necessary for your shipment, and could also result in extra fees if your inputted numbers are inaccurate. Learn more about how size and weight affect UPS prices.

Speaking of accuracy, one of the most easily avoided surprise parcel shipping charges is an Address Correction Fee. When you are inputting the address(es) on your UPS shipping quote, take a moment to ensure the information is correct. Spending a few extra seconds can save you a lot of extra dollars!

2. Be clear

Does your package need special handling? Does it contain dangerous goods? Is the delivery address a residence instead of an office? Neglecting to include any of these kinds of specific details about your shipment will guarantee that additional charges will appear on your final invoice. By laying out any and all special considerations from the beginning, your original UPS quote is much more likely to match the final shipment cost. Learn more about common parcel shipping fees you may incur.

Another aspect of your shipment that you’ll need to be clear on is its service level. If your shipment is urgent, know upfront that you’ll need to pay for extra speed. On the other hand, if your shipping timeline is more flexible, paying for speed you don’t need will inflate your invoice unnecessarily. Learn more about your UPS delivery speed options.

3. Be savvy

Adhering to the previous 2 B’s will go a long way toward giving you an accurate UPS shipping quote. But to really dial in your quote and eliminate as many surprises as possible, it pays to partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. An experienced 3PL like Unishippers can not only help your business access discounted UPS prices that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own, but can also offer personalized guidance so your quotes are spot on each and every time.

By partnering with a 3PL like Unishippers, you get access to:

  • A sophisticated and easy-to-use transportation management system (TMS). Our TMS can give you an accurate UPS quote in just minutes — and it also allows you to add appropriate insurance coverage, take care of invoicing, monitor your shipment’s progress and much more. Learn more about our parcel TMS.
  • Customized support to ensure you’re getting the most for your shipping dollar. Your dedicated Unishippers team is standing by to help with any questions you may have about factors that could impact the accuracy of your UPS quote.

Sometimes, 3 B’s can give you an A! By being precise, clear and savvy, you can rest easy knowing that your UPS quote is as accurate as possible — helping you save the surprises for the good stuff. Ready to get started? Click here to get a UPS shipping quote today.

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