Small Package Shipping Rates: How Size and Weight Affect Price

The weight and dimensions of your small package express, ground and international shipments can have major impacts on your final UPS shipping rates. That’s why Unishippers made this helpful downloadable e-guide, Small Package Shipping Rates: How Size and Weight Affect Price, to give you all the important details about small package weight and size limits in one easy-to-use resource.

In this e-guide, we cover everything you need to know in order to get the best UPS shipping rates for your business shipping:

  • Weight and size terminology
    Before you begin shipping, it’s important to make sure you understand the terminology surrounding small package weight and size measurements. In our e-guide, we explain important terms like girth, actual weight, billable weight and more.
  • Dimensional weight
    If you’re not careful, dimensional weight (also known as DIM or volumetric weight) can contribute to unexpected fees on your final shipping bill. Download Unishippers’ e-guide to learn what dimension weight is, how to calculate it and tips for lowering your shipment’s dimensional weight for the best UPS shipping rate possible.
  • Weight and size restrictions
    Dimensional weight isn’t the only reason to accurately state your shipment’s dimensions and weight — it also helps you anticipate (and sometimes even avoid) additional charges related to UPS weight and size limitations. In our e-guide, we touch on maximum weight and size limits, as well as additional fees you could be charged with if your shipment exceeds certain benchmarks.

Seemingly small steps like using accurate shipment measurements, evaluating your packaging and analyzing your company’s shipping processes could end up saving you headaches and surprises on your final UPS shipping bill. Download our free e-guide to learn the ins and outs of small package weight and size limits — and how you can get the best UPS shipping rates for your business.

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