Streamline Your UPS® Shipping with E-Commerce Integration

Here’s a universal truth: your customers don’t like a messy shopping or shipping experience any more than you do. That is why it’s key to work with a UPS shipping partner that gives you solutions to make both experiences seamless.

Those solutions are often in the form of a comprehensive platform integration — the act of incorporating applications from multiple sources into a comprehensive “all in one” process through an API (application programming interface) — but can also be as simple as installing a shopping cart plugin to show real-time shipping rates at your point of sale.

Both routes help to streamline your customers’ online experience while automating certain internal back-end tasks. If you’ve ever used a virtual shopping cart during checkout, you’ve most likely experienced a common e-commerce integration.

Unishippers, an industry-leading, third-party logistics (3PL) company, provides integration options that keep both you and your customers happy. We provide the tools and resources you need to seamlessly integrate e-commerce shipping processes and platforms to where they all “speak the same language” and work together. Our tools allow you to:

  • Install plugins to display up-to-date shipping rates directly on your shopping cart at check-out and easily create shipping labels for hassle-free returns at the same time you prepare a shipment, among many other tasks.
  • Seamlessly connect Unishippers’ transportation system (TMS) with your own ERP, inventory management software or other off-the-shelf or home-grown TMS systems using our RESTful API, enabling complete visibility for your ordering, fulfillment and billing processes.

Our specially trained integration team can educate you about our e-commerce integrations and recommend specific solutions that would be most beneficial. We even offer developer resources to help with the implementation process.

Ready to automate your shipping processes? Contact the experts at Unishippers today for a free shipping consultation and learn more about how we can improve your e-commerce shopping and shipping experiences!


Streamlining E-commerce Shipping Returns

Discover how to make e-commerce shipping returns easier for your customers and your business by downloading Unishippers’ helpful infographic

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