Optimize Your UPS® Shipping with Resources from UPS & Unishippers

While often overlooked or avoided, optimizing your small package shipping is easier — and more important — than you may initially think. Whether you manage your UPS shipping internally, outsource it to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider or use some combination of both, there are simple yet valuable steps you can take to improve your supply chain visibility and efficiency.

UPS shipping tips

No matter how much — or how little — shipping expertise you or your team have, UPS has several tools and resources that you can use to help streamline processes, reduce errors and increase efficiencies. With these tips and tools, you might just find a few new ways to optimize your shipping logistics:

  • Compare pickup and delivery options to ensure you select the most efficient services for your needs. UPS has a variety of guaranteed one-, three- and five-day delivery options, as well as scheduled or automatic pickups based on your shipping schedule and needs. More choices mean more flexibility for your business, which can also help you save time and money.
  • Leverage advanced tracking tools to receive up-to-the-minute updates about your shipments to your mobile phone. This means you can proactively send shipping notifications to your customers — they’ll appreciate the effort to keep them informed about their order!
  • Avoid unexpected charges by understanding and planning for extra services that may result in accessorial fees, such as shipments to residential areas or less accessible zip codes, or packages that are oversized, have non-standard dimensions or exceed certain limitations.

Work with a 3PL

If you’re ready to take your small package shipping to the next level, Unishippers can help. As part of the nation's largest non-retail authorized UPS reseller and a trusted 3PL provider, the experts at Unishippers can do even more to ensure you have the right shipping solutions and tools for your business shipping.

  • Unishippers leverages our alliance with UPS — and the combined shipping volume of more than 125,000 loyal customers — to ensure you get the best value for your UPS shipping needs. See how much you can save by filling out our UPS quote form.
  • Unishippers' transportation management system (TMS) is one of the most advanced platforms in the industry. With myUnishippers, our customers can quickly and easily compare UPS rates and delivery options; create, view and track shipments; create detailed reports and summaries and so much more — all with just a few clicks.
  • Unishippers can help you create an even better shopping (and shipping) experience for your customers with our helpful e-commerce integrations. We provide the tools and resources you need to seamlessly integrate UPS shipping processes into your e-commerce website. Plus, our specially-trained integration team can advise you on the best software solutions for your customers.

When you partner with Unishippers for your UPS shipping logistics, you have access to a team of experts who are ready to help you with any shipping needs you may have — no matter how big or small they may be. Plus, you get reliable UPS services and savings that your business can count on.

Ready to optimize your UPS shipping logistics? Request a free assessment today and see what Unishippers can do for you.


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