Unishippers' Technology & Your Supply Chain

A new digital age calls for new and improved technology to manage your supply chain. Adopting new supply chain technologies can enhance a number of your business processes, like inventory management, demand planning, shipping and fulfilment. Download Unishippers’ tip sheet to learn how you can best optimize your supply chain with the help of new technology.

Supply chain visibility

Incorporating innovative processes to improve your supply chain starts with gaining visibility into your network. This simply means that you have complete supply chain transparency, and can follow your network all the way from sourcing and manufacturing to final delivery. To learn more about gaining supply chain visibility, read Unishippers’ blog post.

Preparing to optimize your supply chain

In the current world of e-commerce, consumers expect their orders to arrive faster than ever before — pushing suppliers and shippers to come up with creative ways to meet the demand. As new technology enters the supply chain space, businesses like yours can adapt to quicker production, fulfilment and shipping timelines.

Introducing new supply chain tracking technology might seem overwhelming, but it will greatly improve your efficiency and allow you to optimize your network for greater success. As you consider new technologies to incorporate in your supply chain, try implementing small but effective changes that can cut waste and limit errors:

  • Assess your supply chain: Assess areas within your network that could use some improvement. Need packages assembled faster? Adopt technology to help improve assembly speeds. Delivery times not fast enough? Consider using a transportation management system (TMS) to speed up the process. Whatever it is, finding simple ways to optimize your supply chain can lead to greater efficiency and cost savings.
  • Establish a plan: Once you’ve assessed certain areas of your supply chain that can be improved, solidify a plan. Whether that means new training materials have to be prepared, new supplies have to be ordered or new technology needs to be adopted, write down what you plan to do. Doing so can help you stick to the plan and evaluate your success later!
  • Implement the changes: Once you’ve assessed your supply chain and made a plan, implement those changes! Conduct new training and implement new patterns and processes. Consider different technologies that could make any new changes even easier. At this stage, you may even consider repeating the previous steps to find even more ways to enhance your network.

Trying new things can make anyone apprehensive. But as the digital age continues to bring new and faster methods to the e-commerce world, we all have to adapt. Download our tip sheet for expert advice on how to best adapt your business to new and upcoming technology.

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