How to Protect Against Lost or Damaged Shipments

Did you know that 37% of customers are unlikely to ship with a small to mid-sized business (SMB) again if they have a negative shipping experience*? A variety of factors can damage your shipments, including improper handling, overstuffed trucks or even poor weather conditions. And that’s not even considering the potential of loss or theft. When creating your SMB shipping strategy, make sure to invest in a shipping protection plan and protect your shipments with insurance coverage to avoid the hassle of lost and stolen packages down the road.

Protect Your Bottom Line with Shipping Insurance

When considering whether or not to invest in shipping insurance for your freight or parcel shipments, you may be asking yourself, “Is shipping insurance worth it?” As an SMB shipper, you invest a lot of time, effort and money into shipping operations, so why leave the fate of your shipments up to chance? Especially since Unishippers offers flexible, affordable coverage for all your freight and parcel shipments through UPS Capital®.

By investing in coverage for your shipments, you’re providing a positive delivery experience your customers expect and deserve. And with UPS and Unishippers, you can access this top-notch coverage without breaking the bank. Full coverage may help you spend less time dealing with shipping complications and more time growing your business.

Why pay for shipping insurance when carriers offer limited liability?

Many SMBs believe that carrier liability protects the shipper in the case of shipping damage or loss, but the reality is that carrier liability only covers a set amount of money (if the carrier is even proven to be at fault.) Shipping insurance, on the other hand, allows the shipper to cover the full value of the lost or stolen shipment.

So, why invest in shipping protection? It’s simple.

Two shippers named Jane and Jim are each scheduling a shipment pickup for $10,000 worth of goods. Jane opts to add shipping insurance to her booking, while Jim does not. Unfortunately, both shipments are completely damaged in transit due to a sudden snowstorm. Because she invested in shipping insurance, Jane can file a claim for the full $10,000 and is able to easily transition to her next shipment. Jim, on the other hand, does not receive any compensation since the carrier was not found at fault.

Investing in shipping insurance could save your bottom line. Don’t leave your shipments’ fates to chance.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Against Lost or Damage Shipments

From creating a solid quality control process to crafting a fully fleshed-out reverse logistics strategy, there are countless ways to protect your shipments and prevent loss, theft and damage throughout your supply chain and shipping processes.

Utilize the proper packaging for each of your shipments.

You can protect your shipments from theft, damage and loss before they ever leave your warehouse or storefront by utilizing appropriate packing materials. Always use the correct packing materials for the specific commodities you’re shipping — like insulated packaging for cold goods or waterproof packaging for electrical components. Plus, make sure to minimize the amount of empty space in each box by using the smallest box possible and utilizing other materials like recycled paper as filler. Less empty space means less room for your goods to rattle around and be damaged.

Work with a 3PL to develop a list of reputable, reliable carriers with a track record of safe shipping success.

One of the simplest ways to protect your packages is to partner with a reliable third-party logistics (3PL) provider like Unishippers. When you partner with Unishippers, you gain immediate access to our nationwide network of 75+ less-than-truckload and 85,000+ full truckload carriers, plus best-in-class shipping solutions from UPS®. As an industry-leading 3PL and part of the largest non-retail Authorized Reseller of UPS in the nation, we’ve got the tools, resources and expertise to help take your business to the next level. Plus, as small business owners themselves, our franchisees know how hard you work to build your SMB, allowing us to better serve you every step of the way.

Ready to protect your shipments with Unishippers? Connect with an expert today to get started.

*Evalueserve and Dynata (2021). Post-Shipment Experience Study.


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