International Shipping: How a 3PL Can Help

With all the rules, policies and documentation requirements that come with international shipping, even the most experienced domestic shippers can feel overwhelmed. Luckily, a 3PL like Unishippers can handle all the headaches and complexities of the international shipping process, allowing you to dedicate your time to keeping your business running.

Download Unishippers’ guide to international shipping and learn how a 3PL can help you expand your shipping logistics with:

  • Comprehensive shipping solutions
  • Proprietary shipping technology
  • A team of industry experts

By partnering with Unishippers, you can ship to virtually anywhere in the world with confidence. We can assist with the import and export of your goods, from the initial quote and customs preparation to tracking and confirming your shipment’s delivery to its final destination. Our trusted international forwarding partners offer a flexible array of international shipping options, including door-to-door service to almost any international destination, all at the best prices available.

Depending on where it’s shipping and when it needs to be delivered, we have an international shipping service to meet your needs. Our selection of international freight shipping services including:

Air freight

We provide small and mid-sized businesses with a wide selection of international air freight options, including UPS Air Freight®.

Cross-border freight shipping

Our selection of trusted freight carriers, including UPS Worldwide Expedited®, can help your business get freight in and out of Mexico or Canada.

Ocean freight forwarding

Unishippers partners with Extra Logistics to offer both less-than-container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) ocean freight services.

Ready to open your business up to thousands of new potential customers?

Download our handy guide and learn how Unishippers can help you navigate the world of international shipping. From understanding complex packaging requirements to taxes and duties — and everything in between — Unishippers is here to help.

International Shipping Tips: Dealing with Customs

International Shipping Tips: Dealing with Customs

Demystify the small package customs process for your international shipping with Unishippers’ helpful tips.

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