How To Reduce Shipping Costs and Save Money

As a business owner, you know that shipping price increases are inevitable. Major carriers (and minor ones, too) increase their shipping rates each year to combat inflation, fuel costs and rising transportation expenses. While larger companies often gain access to discounts, small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are usually left to navigate increasingly high base rates all on their own.

With the rising expense of doing business, it can become difficult to meet customer expectations. After all, “98% of consumers said that free shipping was the most important consideration when shopping online.” 1 In the face of higher shipping costs, that’s a tough ask for SMBs.

4 Ways To Manage Rising Shipping Costs

By improving your freight or small package shipping strategy from every angle, you can start to reduce the impact of increased shipping prices and create a bigger budget for customer satisfaction. And Unishippers is here to help! Here are four things you can do to create a shipping strategy to combat the impact of higher shipping rates:

#1 — Reduce the weight of your freight and parcel shipments

While heavier shipments may only cost a few additional cents per package, it will add up over time. Using lighter shipping materials and utilizing every inch of space can help you reduce shipping prices. For instance, choose a pallet or box that is appropriately sized for your shipment. Extra space costs money!

#2 — Use flat shipping rates when possible

Pricing for small package shipping is always changing. Many SMBs look to flat rate shipping options for predictable shipping costs.

#3 — Avoid unnecessary shipping fees

Surcharges and accessorial fees are common hurdles in the shipping industry. Making sure your shipments follow all carrier instructions will greatly reduce your risk of incurring shipping fees along the supply chain.

#4 — Stay on top of shipping price increases

Knowing when shipping rates change can help you plan ahead. Typically, routine increases are implemented every January, but they may happen throughout the year as well.

A 3PL can create a shipping strategy that helps you find ways to reduce shipping costs!

Unishippers is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that leverages the combined buying power of thousands of SMBs to bring you competitive shipping prices that are normally only available to larger businesses. While increased shipping costs are inevitable in this economy, you can still take advantage of your available opportunities. Gaining the benefits and insights that 3PLs have to offer is surely one of them. Reach out today to set up your free shipping consultation with our team of dedicated logistics experts!

1 CNBC: Free returns may soon be a thing of the past as retailers roll out stricter policies

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