Unishippers Guide to Holiday Shipping

Does your business survive or thrive over the holidays? When orders pour in, it’s a perfect opportunity to delight customers and close the year strong. But, when pressure rises, it’s easy to forget the little things in your shipping logistics.

As one of the only full-service third-party logistics (3PL) providers, Unishippers simplifies parcel and freight shipping so you can plough through December’s order avalanche. Saving businesses time and money — be it UPS shipping, freight shipping or otherwise — is how we spread cheer.

Download Unishippers’ Guide to Holiday Shipping for friendly reminders and tips covering:

  • Packaging dos and don’ts to ensure safe delivery
  • Proactive planning for carrier changes and unexpected issues
  • Purchasing the right insurance to cover losses

Toward the end of the year, carrier availability fluctuates, road conditions slow trucks, rates increase, surcharges spike and damaged shipments multiply. Some issues are unavoidable. But, as a 3PL focusing on small business shipping, Unishippers offers the resources and service that help you beat the busy season.

Are you ready for the rush?

Contact Unishippers’ team of shipping experts and we’ll explore how to create a happier, hassle-free holiday for you and your customers.

Guide To Small Package Holiday Shipping

Small Package Holiday Shipping Guide

Learn how to keep your UPS shipping rates — and your stress levels — low with Unishippers’ Guide to Small Package Holiday Shipping.

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