LTL Freight: Get It Straight

Join game show contestants and small business owners Roger and Dan in learning how to avoid getting tripped up by all the details of LTL freight shipping.

You’ll learn how to manage timelines, classification and more to ensure safe and cost-effective delivery of your freight!


LTL Freight Information for Businesses

What is LTL?
Customers often ask, “what is LTL in transportation?” LTL stands for less-than-truckload shipping, and it combines shipments from multiple businesses to form a full truckload, thereby saving customers money on shipping their freight.

How Long Does it Take to Ship LTL Freight from California to New York?
Approximately five business days. Unless you pay for guaranteed delivery, there are no guaranteed delivery times. Estimated delivery times are provided but may be affected by road closures, weather, and other factors.

What Things Should be Considered when Shipping Heavy Items Such as a Piano?
LTL freight customers should provide details such as address with a suite number on the bill of lading, and check requirements for inside delivery such as white glove delivery to set up the piano at its destination.

How to Get an Accurate LTL Freight Quote?
Be sure to include the sender and receiver information, specific handling type and amount, detailed description of the contents, dimensions, weight, NMFC code, and the freight class. The more information you provide, the more accurate your quote, and the less likely you are to see surprise charges.

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