Demystifying Density-Based Freight Class Tip Sheet

Freight classification, while important, can easily become confusing — especially if you’re dealing with a density-based freight class! With possibly unfamiliar terms like NMFC code and shipment density, you may feel unsure of where to start when classifying your freight shipments. Luckily, Unishippers is here to help.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about classifying density-based shipments to help you get the most accurate freight quote right from the start. Download our tip sheet, Demystifying Density-Based Freight Class, to get the lowdown!

In our tip sheet, we’ll help make sure you understand important terms like:

  • Freight and density-based freight classes
  • NMFC code
  • Shipment density

Once you understand the basic terminology, we’ll then walk you through the proper steps to accurately classify your freight, including:

  1. Identifying the NMFC code that corresponds to your commodity
  2. Accurately weighing and measuring your shipment
  3. Calculating your shipment’s density
  4. Determining the appropriate freight class for your shipment

By selecting the correct freight class for your shipment, you’ll ensure you get the most accurate quote up front — and avoid costly delays and reclassification fees in the process. Download Unishippers’ helpful tip sheet to make sure you understand the ins and outs of the freight classification process.

Need help with your freight?

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