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Start saving time, trouble and money on all of your shipments today. Simply complete the form below for your instant quote.

Start saving time, trouble and money on all of your shipments today. Simply complete the form below for your instant freight quote.

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save money - start saving money on freight shipments for your business

Save Money

As a top 3PL, we leverage the combined shipping power of 115,000+ customers to ensure competitive LTL, truckload and intermodal rates for your freight.

save time on freight shipping - shipping tools to simplify freight shipping management

Save Time

Unishippers’ trusted freight carrier relationships give you access to a reliable network for your truckload shipping.

trouble free freight shipping - track and manage freight shipments for your business

Save Trouble

When something goes wrong – don’t stress! We work with carriers to get it resolved.

We partner with 65+ freight shipping companies, including:
Unishippers freight shipping partners - 65 top national, regional and local freight shipping companies to choose from

We take your privacy seriously.
The information gathered here will be used to create your personalized shipping quote. We will not share, sell or trade your information with any other company or organization.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the best option for your shipping needs. Contact Unishippers or call 1-833-988-7447.

Get Your Instant Freight Shipping Quote

The Unishippers freight quote system delivers no-hassle pricing from 65+ of the nations best freight carriers. Our goal is to begin a long-term shipping relationship with you be providing:

  • Automated price quote delivered immediately after completing the freight quote form, followed by a human expert’s review to ensure optimal freight pricing for your unique situation.
  • Free shipping and logistics consulting to ensure your shipments are classed correctly and delivered without a hitch.
  • Ongoing needs assessments, advice, and support from our local shipping teams.

Benefits of Shipping with a 3PL Like Unishippers

  • Excellent Prices – We offer great freight prices that only come by negotiating with the group buying power of our 90,000+ shipping customers.
  • Freight Logistics Expertise – With over 60 years experience we know how to make freight shipping hassle free, affordable and efficient.
  • Relentless Support – We work tirelessly with our freight partners to resolve problems and disputes, so you don’t have to!

Types of Freight Shipping We Offer:

  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL) – For freight shipments that will not fill an entire truck trailer, typically weighing between 150 and 15,000 pounds. You only pay for the space you use in the truck based on location, dimensions, mode and cargo type.
  • Truckload (FTL) – For freight loads that require an entire truck trailer. FTL is more expensive that LTL because you are not sharing the cost with other shippers but faster because the truck only travels to your destination(s).
  • Air Freight – Although more expensive that other options, shipping freight via an air carrier typically ensures the fastest delivery for time-sensitive domestic and international cargo.
  • International – When you ship to destinations outside the United States the process becomes significantly more complex because of required documentation, tariffs, and customs laws.
  • Ocean – The least expensive shipping option for large and heavy freight cargo destined for overseas delivery.
  • Specialty – When your freight shipments require temperature control, white glove delivery, hazmat compliance, reverse logistics, or expedited delivery.

Unishippers Freight Manager

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