Dealing with Delayed UPS® Shipments (and How a 3PL Can Help)

Even with the most efficient carriers, the occasional parcel shipping delay can happen. While some factors are out of your control, making a few simple changes to your shipping approach can work wonders. For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), it’s especially important to develop a UPS shipping strategy that helps you prevent and deal with delays.

Read on as Unishippers covers some tried-and-true methods for handling UPS shipping delays while protecting your bottom line.

Show your customers you care

There’s no way around it: late shipments leave consumers dissatisfied. By keeping your customers in the loop, you can avoid adding any fuel to the fire. Whether the delay is caused by supply chain disruptions, bad weather, or human error, your customers need to know that they are your number one priority. Get in touch and let them know the status of their order so they aren’t left wondering. You’ll be surprised by how effective simple communication can be at managing your customers’ expectations and building brand loyalty.

Leverage your shipping options

If and when shipping delays strike, you’ll want to avoid as many hiccups as possible. Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider will allow you to leverage the combined shipping volume of their customers and gain access to small package rates that are normally only available to larger businesses. In other words, you’ll have access to affordable expedited shipping options and much more. With great rates on faster shipping options, you can keep your shipments moving along without hurting your bottom line.

Track your shipments in real-time

Look, customers aren’t supply chain experts — and they don’t want to be. All they need from you is convenient communication and shipment tracking to know the status of their orders. When experiencing shipment delays, knowledge is power. And with Unishippers’ convenient online tools, tracking UPS shipments couldn’t be easier. Our transportation management system provides detailed, up-to-date information on your shipment’s transit so you and your customers are never left in the dark.

Protect your UPS shipments

While you can (and should) take precautions to help your shipments get from point A to point B, some things are out of your control. An occasional lost, damaged or delayed package is just part of business. In fact, the most common shipping-related challenge reported by SMBs is financial loss due to shipping replacement merchandise.1 Thankfully, Unishippers works with UPS Capital® to provide InsureShield™ shipping insurance. By protecting your packages with parcel shipping insurance, you can give your customers peace of mind while minimizing overhead.

Work with a 3PL partner

Third-party logistics providers offer affordable solutions to keep your shipments on the move during times of uncertainty. With a 3PL in your corner, you can stay up-to-date on the latest shipping challenges and streamline your shipping process to maximum efficiency. While a 3PL can’t prevent capacity issues, they are able to provide personalized support to help you navigate any service delays. Take our quiz to see if your business could benefit from a third-party logistics provider.

As part of the nation’s largest non-retail Authorized Reseller of UPS®, Unishippers is here to help you find parcel shipping rates that fit your budget. Get a UPS shipping quote today to get started!

1UPS Capital (2021). Post-Shipment Experience Survey.


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