Unishippers' Checklist for Small Package Shipping Disputes

As you traverse the world of small package shipping, there will likely come a day when you find an incorrect charge on your final bill – which means it’s time to dispute the charge. If the words ‘shipping dispute’ send shivers down your spine, know that they don’t have to!

Download Unishippers’ checklist to learn about the most common small package shipping fees and how to dispute an incorrect charge (if needed) without the headaches.

What are small package shipping disputes?

Disputes occur when you believe you’ve been incorrectly charged and would like to have the fee waived or changed. This process includes contacting your shipper and submitting documentation to prove that the charge was not valid. Small package shipping disputes are typically divided into two main categories:

  • Rate disputes: You can dispute your small package shipping rate if you were overcharged for invalid fees or incorrect package dimensions and/or weight (including DIM weight).
  • Service disputes: If you experience a service failure — such as a lost or misdelivered package or late delivery on a package with a service guarantee — you may be able to get the charge waived.

Understanding small package shipping fees

Unexpected shipping charges are frustrating, but sometimes those charges are correct. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to know the difference! Small package shipping disputes become easier when you know which fees are valid or invalid. If there is missing or incorrect information on your shipping quote, the charges may be deemed accurate and will be hard to dispute. But if you believe certain charges are incorrect, you can gather the proper documentation to submit to the carrier — review our checklist for more information.

Avoiding surprise charges

In our tip sheet, we outline the steps you need to take in order to avoid surprise charges — and how to file a dispute, if necessary. Download our checklist to learn more about the different types of small package shipping disputes, how to ensure your disputes are valid and how to file a claim with proper documentation.

Small package shipping disputes may seem stressful, but they don’t have to be. For more information on small package shipping disputes, contact Unishippers for more information.

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