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Are your unique shipping challenges starting to get in the way of your business’s growth? Unishippers is here to help you turn the six most common challenges into opportunities with actionable and affordable small business shipping solutions so your business can thrive!

What are the most common shipping challenges?

While it may seem like the following challenges are overwhelming, we’re here to assure you that with the right shipping services, you can overcome — and even benefit from — many of them.

  • Shipping costs and fees are on the rise. While larger businesses often gain access to better rates, SMBs are left to navigate increasingly high base rates all on their own.
  • Items are lost, damaged or stolen during shipping and handling. This can do major damage to your bottom line. Additionally, customers are likely to take their business elsewhere if you don’t have a plan in place for lost or damaged items.
  • Forces beyond your control are causing supply chain setbacks. Supply chain disruptions are disproportionately affecting SMBs, with delays in shipping making it difficult to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Due to customer service efforts by larger retailers, customer expectations are higher than ever before. With the growing e-commerce market, it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain loyal customers.
  • Driver shortages and embargoes are making it difficult for SMBs to navigate the shipping landscape. Between the e-commerce boom, driver shortages and regional regulations, SMBs are struggling to navigate the current shipping industry.
  • Limited carrier options particularly impact smaller businesses. As customer demand and shipping volumes continue to boom, freight carriers are becoming increasingly selective with their shippers — and small package carriers may not have the bandwidth to accommodate your special requests.

Understanding the challenges your business faces is the first step in making positive change. But how can you turn the above challenges into opportunities? Unishippers’ comprehensive e-guide provides detailed opportunities and solutions to each and every one of these challenges.

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Unishippers: The 3PL Made for SMB Shippers

Unishippers: The 3PL Made for SMB Shippers

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face unique shipping challenges. Learn how Unishippers can help SMBs like you navigate these challenges — and save in the process!

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