Upgrade Your Freight Shipping with a TMS Shipping Platform

Efficiently managing freight shipping within your logistics strategy can be a complex task. From obtaining quotes from various carriers to booking and tracking shipments, as well as maintaining accurate data, it's easy to become overwhelmed without effective processes in place.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) sometimes manage to get by with spreadsheets, manual recordkeeping and a patchwork of platforms, but it can end up costing them in time, money and increased errors. If your freight shipping is becoming unwieldy and stressful, it may be time to consider a transportation management system (TMS).

A TMS shipping platform is a comprehensive software solution for managing freight shipments and is particularly helpful in reducing the complexity of less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) shipping. A well-designed TMS can add significant value to your business operations in several ways. Here are just four of the reasons to leverage one:

TMS Shipping Benefit #1: Boost Efficiency

By reducing manual input and time spent tracking down information, you can optimize your shipping operations, freeing up your staff's time and energy for other parts of the business. With a freight TMS in place, you can:

  • Automate paperwork, including bills of lading and shipping labels.
  • Easily store your address book of frequent senders and receivers to quickly create freight shipments.
  • Save freight quotes so they're easy to access when you're ready to ship.
  • Select special pickup and delivery options such as liftgate, making an appointment for delivery and arranging expedited freight shipping.
  • Get accurate rates for density-based shipments using a freight shipping calculator.
  • Store commonly shipped commodities and freight classifications in a personalized list to make future shipment creation even faster.

Some platforms, such as myUnishippers™, our proprietary TMS, will also allow you to send both parcel and freight shipments from one platform and with one login and one invoice. That's a bonus!

TMS Shipping Benefit #2: Get a 360-Degree View

Rather than having your logistics information scattered across databases, a freight TMS brings together many aspects of shipping, so you have increased visibility of your freight operations. With a TMS, you can:

  • Customize your tracking from a single portal so you get the information you need the way you need it.
  • Access shipment history with multiple carriers in one place and sort data by delivery status, shipping provider and more.
  • Explore origin and destination terminal information alongside carrier rates so you get a clear understanding of your freight's journey.

TMS Shipping Benefit #3: Boost Your Bottom Line

Freight shipping rates — along with availability — change frequently, and extra fees (aka accessorial charges) are a norm in the industry. That can make shipping costs hard to manage. Having a centralized source for exploring options can help identify savings opportunities and mitigate the extra charges you incur. A freight TMS enables you to:

  • Compare rates and transit times from multiple carriers more conveniently. The myUnishippers TMS shipping platform lets you instantly compare offers from the Unishippers portfolio of more than 75 leading LTL freight carriers so you can select the most cost-effective routes and the carriers that meet your service and quality expectations.
  • View rates that include insurance costs as well as carriers' general limits of liability for uninsured shipments, so you don't pay for more insurance than you need.
  • Review past invoices in detail so you can evaluate expenses and identify ways to lower freight shipping costs in the future.

TMS Shipping Benefit #4: Add Expertise With a 3PL

You have the option of using a standalone freight TMS or working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider and using their system. While any high-quality TMS will add immense value to your operations, using one provided by a 3PL can yield even more benefits, including:

  • Built-in relationships. Developing a relationship with a carrier can help streamline operations and make sure you get priority treatment as a customer — something a standalone TMS can't do for you. When you use myUnishippers, you know Unishippers has already established deep connections and mutually beneficial relationships with the portfolio of carriers.
  • Expertise. 3PLs can provide valuable training, best practices and industry-specific knowledge, helping to ensure you're using a TMS efficiently and effectively from day one.
  • Additional cost savings. A 3PL's established relationships with carriers and transportation providers means they can help you negotiate pricing and often enjoy volume discounts typically reserved for large volume shippers. This translates into favorable rates for your shipping.
  • Simplified management and support. Implementing and managing a freight TMS requires technical expertise and resources. By using a TMS provided by a 3PL, you can reduce the burden on your IT department and upkeep for your internal team, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Unlock your freight shipping with the industry-leading freight TMS. Contact Unishippers today!

Unishippers has more than 30 years of success in the logistics industry and helps thousands of shippers of all sizes move products with great efficiency. We are also part of WWEX Group, alongside Worldwide Express and GlobalTranz and Unishippers. Combined, these three companies make up one of the largest and most diverse 3PLs in the industry, providing shippers with top solutions and shipping technology that help them succeed. That includes a TMS shipping solution that makes shipping easier. 

See how Unishippers can help you transform your freight shipping. If you are ready to talk, reach out for a myUnishippers demo today!

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