6 Key Factors That Impact Your Freight Shipping Rate

No one wants to pay more than necessary on freight shipping costs. But without understanding the factors that impact freight cost, how can you ever ensure you’re getting the best freight rates for your business? That’s why you need Unishippers’ tip sheet: 6 Key Factors That Impact Your Freight Shipping Rate.

By learning about the important factors that impact your freight rates, you can begin to create a more cost-effective shipping strategy and improve your bottom line. In our latest tip sheet, we cover all the variables you should understand in order to get more accurate — and affordable — freight cost estimates on your future shipments. These factors include:

  • Delivery speed. We’ll teach you how delivery times and speeds can impact your freight shipping rate — and how to lower freight costs by streamlining your strategy.
  • Weight and density. Learn how carriers use the weight and density of your shipment (not to mention its freight class) to calculate freight cost.
  • Distance. Don’t forget: the greater the distance, the higher the cost to ship! Luckily, we’ll show you how to cut costs and stick to your transportation budget despite large distances.
  • Accessorials and fees. Did you know you can incur extra fees (often called accessorials) beyond what is shown on your original freight quote? We’ve outlined the most common accessorials to be aware of.
  • Supply chain disruptions. Unfortunately, supply chain disruptions are probably here to stay for a while. Learn how to plan for disruptions and rate fluctuations as supply chain challenges continue.
  • Season. It’s important to understand seasonal freight shipping trends — and how they can impact your freight shipping rates!

The first step to lowering your freight shipping costs is to understand the factors that impact your rates in the first place. Download our helpful tip sheet to learn everything you need to know about getting the best freight rates for your unique shipping requirements.

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