How to Choose the Right Freight Carrier Tip Sheet

When it comes to making decisions for your business, it’s important to consider all the factors at play — especially when you’re selecting a freight carrier. Can’t decide which carrier is right for your freight shipping? That’s where we come in!

Unishippers outlined everything you need to consider in our handy tip sheet, How to Choose the Right Freight Carrier. Download this helpful guide and learn about important deciding factors, including:

  • Pricing. Cost is obviously one of the most common concerns when choosing a freight carrier. Don’t forget to review each carrier’s accessorial fee policies, in addition to comparing quotes!
  • Coverage area. Depending on your needs, make sure to pay attention to how far each carrier will travel. It’s worth noting that many small carriers operate regionally, not nationally.
  • Transit time. Pay attention to transit speeds to make sure you pick a carrier who works with your needs. Just remember that faster delivery means higher rates!
  • Range of services. Be sure to check if each carrier offers additional services you require, such as hazmat shipping or sealed divider service.
  • Communication & reliability. An affordable carrier means nothing if your shipments are always delayed! Keep your eye out for reliable carriers that will keep you updated on your shipment’s status in transit.

Download our tip sheet for even more information on choosing a freight carrier that will best serve your business.

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