Unishippers' Guide to Holiday Freight Shipping

Small and mid-sized business (SMB) shippers need to make sure they’re prepared for one of the busiest times of the year — the holiday shipping season! And for many SMBs, this busy season can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Luckily, by planning ahead, you can keep your freight shipping rates (and your stress-levels) down during the holidays.

Keep the season merry and bright by downloading Unishippers’ Guide to Holiday Freight Shipping. There you can find everything you need to know in order to prepare a successful holiday shipping game plan, including:

  • Properly preparing your pallets. Learn how to avoid damage to your freight in transit by properly prepping your freight shipments ahead of time.
  • Planning for changes in fees and guarantees. Avoid blowing your budget this year by planning ahead for things like value-add services, raised rates and suspended service guarantees.
  • Understanding your insurance options. Since damage and theft are more common during the holidays, it’s important to understand how you can protect your freight in transit with shipping insurance.
  • Reviewing holiday closures. Get your freight delivered on time (and without damage) by reviewing holiday closures and changes to hours of operation on carrier websites.
  • Considering “protect from freeze” services. Learn the ins and outs of freeze protection services — and how to determine whether your shipment requires them in transit.
  • Planning ahead for possible delays. By planning ahead for supply chain delays and inclement weather, you can set your business up for peak shipping success and give your customers a happier holiday.
  • Having a response plan. Learn how to make your own holiday shipping response plan so you’ll be ready to go if you do happen to have any shipping hiccups.

Tis’ the season to avoid the unavoidable

Don’t let unexpected freight shipping issues derail your holiday season! Your business deserves an affordable and effective holiday shipping strategy — and we’re here to help. Download Unishippers’ e-guide and learn how to make the busiest time of the year your best one yet.

Properly Prepping Packages For The Holidays

Properly Prepping Your Holiday Freight Shipping

Avoid damage and delay in transit this year with our top four tips for packaging your holiday freight shipping!

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