Unishippers' Guide To Dealing with Freight Shipping Disputes

We get it: freight shipping disputes can be confusing. No one wants to pay for incorrect charges on their final freight shipping bill. But how do you know if an unexpected charge is actually valid? That’s where we come in.

Unishippers is here to help you understand the freight shipping fees – and how to dispute them, if needed. By learning about the most common charges, you can make sure that any unexpected charges on your final freight shipping bill are actually valid. Download our helpful e-guide to learn more!

Our e-guide covers a number of common freight shipping fees, including:

  • Reweigh and reclass charges: You may encounter this fee if the weight or size information you provided on the bill of lading was entered incorrectly. However, if you believe the information is accurate, our e-guide explains how best to handle this type of freight shipping dispute.
  • Redelivery charges: If the carrier attempts to make a delivery but is turned away by the receiver (requiring an additional trip), you may incur a redelivery charge. This charge can also be applied if no one is available to accept the delivery, if the delivery address was changed to a new location or if the carrier has an issue accessing the location.
  • Liftgate fees: If the freight receiver doesn’t have a dock, a liftgate may be necessary to load or unload your shipment. If the carrier discovers that a liftgate is required at any point during transport, they may use a liftgate at their discretion — without notifying the shipper — and can apply a liftgate fee to your final invoice.
  • Residential and limited access fees: Surcharges can be applied to your final bill if you ship to a residential address – even if a commercial business is operating out of the home – or a location with limited access. To get an accurate quote, make sure to indicate if the address is in a residential or limited access area when preparing your shipment.

Freight shipping disputes become more manageable when you know what to look for. Learn more about each of these fees (and others) – plus how to dispute them, if needed — by downloading Unishippers’ Guide to Dealing with Freight Shipping Disputes.