Four Freight Shipping Tips for e-Commerce Success

Consumers expect fast and affordable shipping options when they shop online. And with so many options for your customers to choose from, your business needs to be competitive with delivery options.

That last push to get an order to your customer’s door is a crucial part of the e-Commerce journey. It pays to consider your freight shipping plan as part of your larger e-Commerce strategy — that way you’ll always deliver above-and-beyond customer service to make (and keep!) happy customers.

Improve the e-Commerce experience for your customers with these freight delivery tips:

Tip #1: Review your current shipping strategy

Review your freight shipping strategy from time to time to see where there might be room for improvement. Consider speaking with a Unishippers shipping expert who can suggest adjustments that will make your shipping more efficient and affordable.

Tip #2: Carefully consider your carrier options

Getting a low rate isn’t the only thing that matters when deciding on a carrier for your freight shipping. Make sure that the carrier also offers the specific delivery services you may need. myUnishippers™ makes it easy to compare freight carriers from one easy-to-use website. Plus, our shipping experts can help you decide which carrier is right for your needs.

Tip #3: Choose the right delivery method

There are a variety of delivery options to choose from — such as same day, next day, and more — that each come with a different price point. Consider your customers’ needs to determine which delivery method makes the most sense for your business. Choosing the appropriate delivery speed will help ensure that you don’t spend your shipping dollars unnecessarily on speedy delivery. For an added touch, you can give your customers multiple delivery options to choose from at check-out.

Tip #4: Offer specialty delivery services

It’s important that you tailor your shipping strategy to focus on customer satisfaction, not just speed. Take your shipping the extra mile by offering specialty services like white glove delivery, which gives customers the option to have their goods unpacked and assembled for an additional fee.

Unishippers’ shipping consultants stay up to date on the latest e-Commerce trends to help you adapt to an ever-changing online market. Contact us to get a free shipping assessment and see where you can save on your freight shipping.

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