4 Easy Tips for Going Green with Your Freight Shipping

These days, most companies are trying to find ways to bring their business into the 21st century — and not just by using the newest technology. Many businesses are switching to green shipping practices to reduce their carbon footprint.

One way to limit your footprint is to think green when planning your shipping logistics. Take your freight shipping to the next level with these four eco-friendly shipping tips:

Choose eco-friendly shipping supplies

An easy way to go green is by using nature-friendly shipping boxes, poly mailers, and other shipping supplies. Non-polluting shipping materials are comparable in price to standard packaging supplies and your customers will appreciate your effort to be less harmful to the environment.

Use the correct size of package

Avoid using boxes or pallets that are too big for your shipments. Using the smallest packaging possible not only reduces unnecessary shipping costs, but also requires fewer materials. Plus, compact freight packages take up less space in transit, reducing your environmental impact.

Combine your orders

Consolidating your shipments to full truckloads (or even just fewer LTL truckloads) can help limit the number of freight trucks on the road, reducing the amount of emissions released. Condensing your shipments can also reduce your freight shipping costs in the process.

Minimize waste

Lessen the amount of waste you produce by going digital with your shipping paperwork. Using a transportation management system (TMS) lets you easily convert quotes to BOLs and allows you to view your shipment history online. This saves you time and money! Buy less paper and instantly find everything in one convenient place with a TMS.

Unishippers wants to help you get started! Contact our team of experienced experts for more tips on going green with your freight shipping (and how to save some green in the process).


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