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Density Based Classing

Demystifying Density-Based Freight Class

Confused about freight classification and NMFC codes? Learn everything you need to know about classifying your density-based freight shipping.
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Freight Class vs NMFC: Everything You Need To Know About NMFC Classification

Shipping less-than-truckload (LTL) versus full-truckload (FTL) means you'll need to determine your freight classification. And, as always, Unishippers is here to help!

When you schedule a shipment without first determining the proper NMFC classification, there's a good chance your shipping quote won't match your final invoice. By taking time to understand some transportation characteristics and the freight classification system, you'll be able to classify your freight correctly and avoid potentially costly surprises down the road.

We've answered several key questions about NMFC numbers, or codes, and freight class to ensure you're properly classifying your shipment:

Have more questions about freight classification? Watch our NMFC class and code instructional video or contact our Unishippers team of experts for help determining the appropriate class for your freight shipments.