Freight Density Calculator

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Inaccurate dimensions can be costly, especially if your shipment is oversized. Measuring your shipment’s density will help you accurately classify and price your shipment to determine the shipping service that works best for your needs. Learn more about determining freight class here. Depending on the class of your shipment, you may need to also include the shipment’s density on the Bill of Lading.

To determine the density, take the total weight of the shipment divided by the total cubic feet. Use the calculator below to determine your freight density so that you can identify the freight class. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your density calculation is accurate:

  • Round to the nearest inch
  • Use an accurate shipping scale
  • Include the packaging in your weight measurement – this includes pallets, boxes, crates, etc.
  • Be aware that if your shipment is light, most carriers have a minimum charge

Freight Density Calculator

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