UPS Authorized Reseller

UPS Transportation Management System (TMS)

Make online shipping faster and easier with Unishippers Express Manager®.

Designed with our small to mid-sized business customers in mind, Unishippers’ transportation management system helps your business get the most value for your UPS Express® and UPS® Ground shipping dollar. Our UPS TMS offers some of the industry’s most advanced features and benefits:

  • Compare rates and delivery options for various service levels before you ship to manage costs
  • Create, view, edit and track shipments from one easy location
  • Access and prepare international documentation
  • Sort, store and manage contacts in one address book, including addresses from UPS and FedEx®
  • Create groups of contacts with specific service size and weight to quickly generate waybills
  • Create detailed reports or summaries
  • Create UPS return labels at the same time you prepare your shipment

Watch our TMS demo video and see how easy your express and ground shipping can be!

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