UPS Small Package Insurance

Protect your small packages with UPS insurance.

Unishippers has teamed up with UPS Capital, a premier national insurance
provider, to provide our customers with more comprehensive shipment insurance
to protect your important UPS small package shipments. Purchasing insurance through UPS Capital reduces the financial risks associated with loss or damage during transit based on the declared value of your shipment.

UPS insurance through UPS Capital also offers these benefits:

  • Reliable, full coverage protection that reduces the financial risks of loss or damage to your UPS small package shipments
  • A simple claims process with that delivers efficient resolution and settlement
  • Dedicated customer service

Shipping insurance is recommended if your package’s value exceeds $100. If you do not declare a value for your shipment, UPS’s maximum liability for loss or damage to your shipment is $100. You can purchase UPS insurance online through Express Manager® at the time you book your shipment.