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In the fast-paced, ever-changing shipping industry, managing freight shipments can be a challenge for small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). They often lack the infrastructure, resources and shipping volume of larger companies, which is how partnering with a 3PL can help.

Keep in mind, however, that the services a 3PL provides are not all created equal.

When making a decision on which 3PL partner to trust with your important business shipments, it’s crucial to select a partner that will go above and beyond to meet your unique freight shipping needs. At Unishippers, we call this our Platinum Service guarantee.

Significant Savings on LTL Freight Shipping
Working with a 3PL allows you to leverage the combined volume of multiple shippers to secure better discounts for your own business shipping. This ensures the rates you receive are competitive no matter the size of your business – and it’s increasingly important as shipping costs continue to rise due to the capacity crunch and truck driver shortage.

Unishippers serves more than 50,000 SMB customers by helping them secure significant savings on their LTL freight shipping. We also work directly with FTL freight partners to help ensure your freight gets where it needs to go on time and on budget.

The Options and Flexibility You Want
A good 3PL works with multiple freight carriers and provides tools that allow you to quickly and easily compare rates and delivery options to identify the best or most affordable solution for your needs. In addition, a 3PL typically offers flexible credit, invoicing and insurance – all of which play a crucial role in helping a small business remain competitive.

At Unishippers, we partner with more than 30 of the top national, regional and local freight carriers to get your FTL and LTL freight on the road. Our customers can easily compare options and book their shipments with our Freight Manager online transportation management system (TMS). Unishippers’ team of shipping experts is also readily available to provide a personalized consultation and set your business up with a shipping account.

The Shipping Advocate You Deserve
Shippers can spend a large portion of their time negotiating with carriers, resolving issues and doing extensive administrative work to keep shipments on track. By teaming up with a 3PL, you gain a knowledgeable partner to help you navigate any road bumps that may appear along the way.

As a Unishippers customer, there is no problem too big or too small for your dedicated account team to handle. We’ll work on your behalf to get any shipping issues resolved with the carrier and work to save you time, effort and money – and we’re always just a phone call away.

One Company for All Your Shipping Needs
The benefits of a 3PL aren’t just limited to freight shipping. Shippers should be able to leverage a 3PL’s shipping volume and carrier relationships to secure competitive small package shipping rates as well.

Unishippers has a longstanding partnership with UPS that allows us to deliver significant savings to our small package customers. By combining express and ground offerings with our flexible freight options and Platinum Service, Unishippers is able to meet all of your business shipping needs. No more worrying about multiple carrier invoices, contacts, websites or shipping systems. We’ll take care of it all in one place and with one point of contact.

Your Platinum Partner
Whether your needs include air or ground, domestic or international, or inbound/outbound service, let Unishippers go the extra mile to help make your business shipping more easy and convenient.

Request a Free Shipping Assessment

Let us evaluate your shipping invoices to identify how we can save you time and money.


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