Staying Chill with Cold Weather Shipping

Find out about “Protect from Freeze” services.
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Temperatures are starting to drop around the country as fall sets in. It won’t be long now until really cold weather hits much of the nation, which can cause problems for shippers.

Many shippers take for granted that their temperature-sensitive items will arrive undamaged, even during the depths of winter. This isn’t the case, however, as sub-freezing temperatures can cause extensive damage to fragile items such as paints, glues, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, wine, perishable food, and batteries.

You don’t have to take your chances when cold weather strikes, however. Many of Unishippers’ freight carrier partners offer “Protect from Freeze” services to ensure that fragile shipments stay above freezing temperatures. These services usually involve heated trailers, heat shelters, and blankets around cargo to keep things above the crucial 32-degree threshold.

A few general pointers about freeze protection services to keep in mind:

  • They are usually available only for commodities with a freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
  • Carriers usually offer them during a specific time of the year, generally between October and May.
  • Carriers may suspend the service during times of extreme cold when temperatures drop below 10 degrees or so.
  • Choosing the fastest possible transit time decreases the amount of time your freight is exposed to the cold, and therefore increases its chance of arriving intact.
  • Marking “Protect from freezing” on the bill of lading and/or your shipment is not enough to protect it. You need to talk to your Unishippers office.

During frigid months, freeze protection is well worth the small additional cost. YRC Freight’s freeze protection service, for example, boasts a 99.8 percent success rate protecting cold-sensitive freight!

Ask your Unishippers office if freeze protection service is the right choice with your next cold-sensitive shipment.

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Staying Chill with Cold Weather Shipping
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