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Welcome to the Unishippers blog, Unboxed. Here you’ll find helpful shipping tips and answers to some of the most common shipment conundrums and questions our customers ask about. And, because we know that shipping isn’t the main focus of your business, we’ll also feature advice about other areas of your business – like getting your team tech-savvy and how to hire the right people. Check back twice a month for new posts, and as always, happy shipping!

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Common Small Package Fees that Affect UPS Shipping Costs

Nobody likes billing surprises. Learn about the most common small package fees that affect businesses like yours so you can get an accurate estimate of your UPS shipping costs.

4 Freight Shipping Tips for eCommerce Success

Consumers expect fast and affordable shipping options when they shop online. And with so many options for your customers to choose from, your business needs to be competitive with delivery...

The Ins and Outs of Temperature-Controlled Freight Shipping

You expect your freight to make it to its destination looking just as good as it did leaving the warehouse. But when you’re shipping perishable materials - or anything that...

Manage Your UPS Rates by Avoiding These Three Common Shipping Mistakes

When you’re busy managing a business, shipping best practices can occasionally get pushed to the back burner. But did you know that rushing through your small package shipping prep could...

LTL Shipping: Consequences of Misrepresenting Freight

Increasing freight rates have some shippers trying to avoid additional shipping costs by misrepresenting their shipments on their bills of lading (BOLs), but LTL shipping carriers take weights and inspections...

Understanding Freight Shipping: The Low-Down on Liftgates

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head over your final bill, wondering why you were charged that pesky liftgate delivery fee? We’re here to give you the 411 on...

8 Reasons Why We Are Your Small Package Shipping Experts

Parcel shipping. Small package shipping. Express package shipping. No matter what you call it, the shipping experts at Unishippers are your best resource for shipping value, options and service.

How To Protect Your LTL Freight Shipments

You spend valuable money to get your freight from point A to point B – and to get it there in one piece. While freight damage is occasionally unavoidable, there...

Freight Capacity Crunch: How We Can Help

Is your business feeling stressed due to the freight capacity crunch? Unishippers can help minimize the impact. Impact: Increased Shipping Rates With a shortage of drivers and equipment, freight carriers

LTL Freight Shipping Mistakes You Could Be Making

We know that no business owner wants to waste time or money dealing with shipping errors, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common freight shipping pitfalls...

5 Factors That Determine LTL Freight Shipping Rates

Recent trends in the transportation industry suggest that LTL freight shipping rates in the U.S. will rise more frequently and dramatically for the second year in a row in 2019

3 Reverse Logistics Tips for Freight Shippers

While November and December are peak season for shipping, January is typically reserved for reevaluating your business strategies and setting goals for the new year.
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