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Welcome to the Unishippers blog, Unboxed. Here you’ll find helpful shipping tips and answers to some of the most common shipment conundrums and questions our customers ask about. And, because we know that shipping isn’t the main focus of your business, we’ll also feature advice about other areas of your business – like getting your team tech-savvy and how to hire the right people. Check back twice a month for new posts, and as always, happy shipping!

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Coming Out Ahead on Small Package Claims

While nobody wants to have to file a claim with a carrier, damaged or lost shipments do happen, and it’s important for you and your customers to understand how to...

NMFC Policy Change for Concealed Damaged Goods

Recent changes have been made to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) rules regarding concealed damage notifications.

Like Shoes, Picking the Perfect Freight Carrier Takes Work

On a sunny day you want to make sure you’ve picked out the perfect pair of sandals, but on a rainy day you wouldn’t want to wear those same sandals....

For Better Productivity, Give Your Team a Break!

What do taking a walk around the block, chatting with co-workers, or watching a short YouTube video have in common? They’re all great ways to boost productivity.

Look Before You Sign!

There are drivers who will go the extra mile just to be helpful, but most of the time you get what you pay for - and when drivers provide these...

When Feathers Outweigh Bowling Balls

Of course feathers don't literally "outweigh" bowling balls. But if you think about that statement in shipping terms, it starts to make a little bit more sense.

Dealing with Customs Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

It can be hard to work with Customs, especially if you are working with a country that is not technologically advanced, has a high crime rate, or is experiencing some...

Be Kind to Your Freight: Avoid Overhang

It's simple - your freight shipment should never spill out over the sides of your pallet. Why? Because muffin tops should only belong on top of muffins. And because overhanging...
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