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Every time you sign the Delivery Receipt, you are signing a legal document.
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“Gee, that driver was so nice! The box looked heavy and I wasn’t sure I could get it off the truck and so the driver used the liftgate. Then, he even took the freight into my back room for me. Wow what great service!”

There are drivers who will go the extra mile just to be helpful, but most of the time you get what you pay for – and when drivers provide these type of services, their freight companies expect to be paid for them. And you guessed it – these charges are going to be on someone’s freight bill!

If you are the receiver and are paying the freight charges, these will be passed along to you. If your vendor or supplier is picking up the tab, you can bet you will be hearing from them. So make sure if you need special services on a delivery that you ask for them before the freight is shipped. That way there will be no surprises when the freight invoice arrives.

Along these same lines, we recently received a call from an upset customer. “I am being charged for a liftgate and an inside delivery and I didn’t get either one!” The reality: sometimes carriers do make mistakes so we stress to our customers that the first thing they always do is look at the Delivery Receipt. Sure enough, in this specific instance both services were circled and the customer’s initials and signature were right next to them. The key takeaway in this scenario: never sign the Delivery Receipt without looking at it! If you see something isn’t right, cross it off and write “Service Not Provided” or “No!”

Finally, did you know that every time you sign the Delivery Receipt, you are signing a legal document that says your freight was delivered in good condition? If your freight isn’t in good order or your shrink wrap isn’t intact, reach for the camera, inspect your freight while the driver waits, and then note any damage on the Delivery Receipt.

Following these few tips will save you money and time!

Author: Franchise Owner Michele Steed

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