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The holiday season means new rates from carriers.
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The holiday season means new models of toys, new models of tech gadgets and yep, you guessed it, new rates from carriers. While it isn’t a particularly fun topic to stay abreast on, staying educated on new rates from carriers will give your business time to adapt for the holiday season and beyond.

Last year, UPS and FedEx announced that they would use the greater of the dimensional weight or the actual weight of a package as the billable weight for all domestic services in 2015. Dimensional weight pricing uses both weight and size when determining how much to charge for delivering a parcel. Best practices for dimensional weight pricing include using smaller, tighter packaging; avoiding over-boxing; and, if possible, for lighter items, consolidating several items into one box.

Another rate change announced by UPS and FedEx this year may have a noticeable impact on oversized shipments. UPS has established specific weight and size limits for packages. Packages that are “Over Maximum Limits” will not be accepted by UPS for transportation. If they are picked up by the driver in error, they will be subject to additional Over Maximum Limits charge.

Your Unishippers office can work with you to help identify new cost savings or opportunities in other parts of your shipping to help mitigate the potential impacts of rate changes.

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