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Have a response plan for damages in place before it happens.
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Sometimes, bad stuff just happens. Like your cousin Eddie shows up unannounced with his mobile home or your boss gives you a subscription to a Jelly of the Month club instead of a bonus check – or your shipment arrives damaged. The important thing to remember this holiday season is not to panic and have a response plan for damages in place before it happens. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are creating your response plan:

  • Clearly and accurately notate damage.
  • Keep all receipts to serve as proof of the shipment’s condition upon arrival.
  • Take lots of pictures.

Another step your business can take is to consider shipment insurance. A common misconception is that shipments are automatically insured by the carrier through its limits of liability. In reality, carrier liability is not insurance and may not protect the full value of the shipment. With cargo insurance, businesses are more likely to recover the full value of the damaged shipment and the process for filing a claim is often easier.

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