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Integration is the process of incorporating applications from multiple sources into a comprehensive, “all in one” process. This helps to streamline your customers’ online experience while automating certain internal back-end tasks. If you’ve ever used a virtual shopping cart during checkout, you’ve experienced a common eCommerce integration.

Unishippers can help you create an even better shopping (and shipping) experience for your customers with our helpful eCommerce integrations. We provide the tools and resources you need to seamlessly integrate shipping processes into your eCommerce website.

Learn about the shipping software we support and how they can help you improve your customers’ online shopping experience:

  • ShipStation. ShipStation can automatically import orders from more than 200 carts and systems, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more. Simplify your customers’ eCommerce shipping by allowing them to quickly choose their preferred shipping option and adjust shipping dates. Plus, you can reduce shipping errors with ShipStation’s automated order processing, UPS shipping label creation and emails to your customers with tracking information.
  • PriceLink. Unishippers’ PriceLink API lets you pull your negotiated UPS shipping rates from Express Manager—our online transportation management system—and display them on your website’s shopping cart during the checkout process. This way your customers can get accurate shipping costs during check-out, no matter where they ship to or which delivery speed they choose.
  • Magento. Unishippers customers using Magento can display their discounted UPS shipping rates directly on their website’s shopping cart through Magento’s integration with Unishippers’ PriceLink API. The Magento plugin has many other features to help you get accurate shipping rates for your products as well as set ship-to countries, service levels, free shipping thresholds and more.

These are only a handful of the eCommerce applications that Unishippers currently supports. Our specially-trained integration team can recommend specific solutions that would be most beneficial for you and your customers.

Ready to automate your shipping processes? Call the experts at Unishippers for more information on improving your eCommerce shopping experience.

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