Freight Capacity Crunch: How We Can Help

Driver Shortages + Increased Demand for Shipping Services = Capacity Crunch
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Is your business feeling stressed due to the freight capacity crunch? Unishippers can help minimize the impact.

Impact: Increased Shipping Rates
With a shortage of drivers and equipment, freight carriers have been raising rates in an effort to avoid unprofitable loads. Consequently, increased shipping costs have hit the bottom lines of companies across the country.

How We Can Help: Competitive Rates
Unishippers leverages the combined shipping volume of our customers to help ensure the most competitive rates for your shipping.

Impact: Carriers At Capacity
Digital Commerce 360 reported a 16% growth in online retail sales in the U.S. in 2017. The rapid growth of ecommerce has added to the impact of the driver shortage, filling the trucks that are on the road to total capacity.

How We Can Help: Access to Trucks When You Need Them
Our trusted, long-term trusted relationships with the best freight carriers in the business mean we’re able to offer more options at better prices than the competition.

Impact: Hassle to Find Rates and Capacity
Dealing with multiple carrier sites or making numerous calls to request rate quotes and available capacity can be a hassle, not to mention time-consuming.

How We Can Help: Unishippers’ TMS
With a robust transportation management system (TMS), you can maximize your supply chain efficiency. Our convenient TMS allows you to quickly and easily get quotes, compare costs and delivery options, book shipments and more.

If you’re feeling stressed by the impact that tight freight capacity has had on your business, Unishippers can help! Our shipping experts can review your current shipping needs and provide customized recommendations.

Request a Free Shipping Assessment

Let us evaluate your shipping invoices to identify how we can save you time and money.


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Freight Capacity Crunch: How We Can Help
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