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The Top 3 Questions About Freight Class
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When you schedule a shipment without first determining the proper freight class, there’s a good chance your shipping quote won’t match your final invoice. By taking time to understand the freight classification system, you’ll be able to classify your freight correctly and avoid surprises down the road.

We’ve answered the top three questions about freight class to ensure you’re properly classifying your shipment:

  1. What is an NMFC code?
    NMFC, or National Motor Freight Classification, is the standard set of codes that determines which of the 18 possible freight classes your shipment falls under. You can find the codes for your shipment on the NMFC website. Your shipment may also be assigned a subclass, also known as a classification, based on whether you are sending raw or finished goods. Freight classes can sometimes change, so be sure to keep current on NMFC codes.
  2. What if my shipment is a density-based class?
    Certain commodities have a wide density range. In this case, your item may be assigned a density-based classification, meaning the ratio of the item’s weight by its dimensions will influence the total shipping cost. Typically, the lower the density, the higher – and more expensive – the freight class will be. To determine the accurate density of your shipment, measure its dimensions in inches and round to the nearest inch. You’ll also have to weigh your shipment – including its packaging – with an accurate shipping scale. You can then use Unishippers’ freight density calculator to easily discover the density of your shipment.
  3. What do I do once I know my shipment’s freight class?
    Once you know the correct NMFC classification and class for your shipment, you can complete your quote request and BOL. Knowing the proper class ensures your quote from the carrier is accurate – plus, it helps you avoid reclassification and billing surprises.

Have more questions about freight classification? Watch our video or contact our Unishippers team of experts for help determining the appropriate class for your freight shipments.

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