Are You Making These Mistakes?

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As loading dock equipment continues to improve with faster, bigger and heavier machinery, it’s more important than ever to implement safety guidelines for your freight shipping.

No loading dock mistake is a small one – ignoring loading dock best practices can have dire consequences. Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve loading dock safety for both your employees and your freight shipments.

Follow our top three loading dock tips to ensure the safest possible process for your freight shipping:

  • Package your freight to secure any loose products. Poorly wrapped pallets are often the reason boxes get damaged or lost. They can also cause mishaps when your workers try to load an unstable pallet at the dock. When preparing your freight shipments, make sure you package the pallets securely so there are no loose products that could cause a hazard. Two to three complete wraps around the pallet is the standard practice to secure your load. Our Unishippers team can offer more tips on the best way to properly package your freight.
  • Meet the proper safety standards. Depending on the height of your platform, you may need to install a guardrail or fall protection barrier when dock doors are open. The current OSHA standard requires a fall protection barrier for platforms with a drop off of more than four feet, although individual states may have stricter safety requirements. At the very least, make sure to use a visual barrier in a bright color as a safety warning. By following these safety requirements, you will help protect your employees and your freight.
  • Protect your freight (and your employees) from the elements. Use seals or shelters to protect your loading dock from hazardous weather like rain, snow and wind. In addition to creating a safe environment for your employees, this will help protect your shipments from unnecessary damage.

Take the time to assess and adjust your freight shipping protocols to ensure that all employees are being – and staying – safe. Remind your loading dock team to always be on the alert and to follow our tips for a safe and reliable shipping process.

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Are You Making These Mistakes on Your Freight Shipping?
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