Make Your Holiday Shipping Plan

4 things to consider in creating your plan.
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It’s the happiest (and busiest) shipping time of the year. Which means that now is the best time for small business shippers to start thinking about their holiday shipping plan. Here are a few things to keep mind when creating your holiday shipping game plan:

    1. Review Holiday Closures – It’s no secret that many carriers do not pick up or deliver on major holidays. And this year, because Christmas and New Year’s fall on the weekend, many carriers are observing the holiday the day after (on Monday).
    2. Understand Guarantee Service Modifications – During the peak shipping season, both UPS and FedEx modify or suspend their money-back service guarantee. We recommend reviewing these modifications so that you can plan accordingly.
    3. Manage Expectations ­– As guarantee service modifications are temporarily suspended or modified during the holidays, it’s important to proactively inform your customers on when they can realistically receive their shipments. And, it’s always a good idea to tell customers how quickly you can fill an order and include the time that it will take their shipment to arrive.
    4. Evaluate Insurance Options – Understanding what basic liability is, how it works, and what it actually covers before your busy season starts is smart. If no value is declared, UPS and FedEx’s maximum liability for loss or damage to a shipment is $100. And for freight? Be sure to review any options that are already available to you – and never assume that the carrier’s basic Carrier Limits of Liability means that you are “already covered.” Need a refresher on how this stuff works?

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4 Things to Consider When Making Your Holiday Shipping Plan
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