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Welcome to the Unishippers blog, Unboxed. Here you’ll find helpful shipping tips and answers to some of the most common shipment conundrums and questions our customers ask about. And, because we know that shipping isn’t the main focus of your business, we’ll also feature advice about other areas of your business – like getting your team tech-savvy and how to hire the right people. Check back twice a month for new posts, and as always, happy shipping!

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Dealing with Delayed UPS Shipments

Overcoming UPS shipping delays will help you keep your customers happy and protect your SMB’s bottom line.

UPS Pickup Options for Your SMB Shipping Needs

Compare the many UPS pickup options to determine which one is the right fit for your small or mid-sized business (SMB).

Making Sense of Freight Shipping Documentation

Keep your freight shipping in order by understanding the bill of lading (BOL), packing list, commercial invoice, proof of delivery and various LTL freight and international shipping documents.

How To Get the Most Accurate UPS Quote

Learn how to get the most accurate UPS shipping quote with Unishippers’ 3 B’s: be precise, be clear and be savvy!

The 3PL Made for SMB Shippers

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face unique shipping challenges. Learn how Unishippers can help SMBs like you navigate these challenges — and save in the process!

6 Parcel Shipping Trends for 2022

Get the latest on 2022 parcel shipping trends, where they’re headed and how you can take advantage of them to build your business.

State of the Freight Shipping Industry in 2022

The state of the freight shipping industry is subject to several new and continuing problems in 2022. Unishippers is providing insights to help you navigate these issues and maximize your...

Parcel vs. LTL Freight: Which is best for larger packages?

Deciding between less-than-truckload (LTL) freight and UPS parcel shipping for your big or bulky package? Learn which service type is right for your needs with help from Unishippers!

Freight Shipping Insurance FAQs

Ready to ensure your freight shipping is protected in transit? Get answers to all of your questions about freight insurance and carrier liability.

Properly Prepping Your Holiday Freight Shipping

Avoid damage and delay in transit this year with our top four tips for packaging your holiday freight shipping!

Holiday Shipping Hub

Find all the helpful peak season shipping insights you need, for freight and parcel services, in one place.

Protect Your UPS Shipping During the Holidays

Don’t cut corners when packaging your holiday shipments this year! Get Unishippers’ top UPS shipping tips for safely securing your holiday packages.
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