What are Accessorial Charges in Small Package Shipping?

Learn about UPS accessorial charges, how to budget for, and avoid these oft unexpected shipping fees.

Managing your small package shipping means planning for variables that you know will affect cost, such as weight, zone, and service level. But did you know that your shipments are also subject to accessorial charges – additional charges for services not included in standard shipping prices?

Accessorial charges in transportation are charged by carriers for services that go beyond the normal pick-up and delivery requirements agreed upon at the time of purchase.

Understanding and planning for some of the most common accessorial fees can help you obtain more accurate quotes and help you avoid billing surprises after you ship.

Listed below are services that often lead to accessorial charges:

  • Residential Delivery Fee: Shipments made to a home, private residence, or to a business operating out of a home may incur a UPS residential delivery fee.
  • Unplanned Pickup Locations: Additional charges added for not having a dropbox or designated drop-off location.
  • Area Surcharges: Additional charges are applied to packages shipped to less accessible ZIP codes within the contiguous United States.
  • Address Corrections: If a package is delivered to an incorrect address, an address correction fee will be applied.
  • Oversized or Non-standard Dimensions: Additional charges added if the size or dimensions of your package exceed certain limits.
  • Additional Handling: Additional charges for any packagee that requires special handling (i.e., items that are not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container).
  • Dangerous Goods: Additional fee charged for packages containing hazardous materials such as dry ice, combustibles, batteries, or gases.
  • Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) Surcharge: When the carrier is directed to collect payment from the recipient and deposit it.
  • Undeliverable Return Fee: Additional charges due to the recipient refusing the delivery, or when delivery is impossible for reasons beyond the carrier’s control, will be returned to the original shipper.

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