Unishippers Awards Eight of Their Top Partners - Unishippers

Unishippers has 30+ carrier partners that are vital to ensuring their large network is streamlining shipping processes for 50,000 small and mid-size businesses per year. They do this by matching them with trusted carrier options that are most compatible with their shipping requirements and needs. The following eight partners were acknowledged for year-round support to the Unishippers franchise system based on service quality and performance, loss and damage events, customer service, claims resolution and overall commitment to the partnership:

  • 2017 National Carrier Partner of the Year: YRC Freight
  • 2017 LTL Platinum Partner of the Year: SAIA
  • 2017 Multi-Regional LTL Carrier Partner of the Year: Estes
  • 2017 Southeast Region LTL Carrier Partner of the Year: Southeastern Freight Lines
  • 2017 Western Regional LTL Carrier Partner of the Year: Reddaway
  • 2017 Northeast Region LTL Carrier Partner of the Year: A Duie Pyle
  • 2017 Midwest Region LTL Carrier Partner of the Year: Holland
  • 2017 Asset-Light LTL Carrier Partner of the Year: Frontline Freight

“We rely on our trusted partners to deliver our customers’ shipments promptly, at the right price and with full dedication to see an order through,” said Tim Story, Executive Vice President of Freight Operations of Unishippers. “We’re grateful for the consistent level of commitment from our carrier partners. They’re equally driven to provide quality service and support to our shippers and prove it every year with outstanding performance. ”

Unishippers was created with the simple idea that by partnering with major shipping suppliers and reselling their services, decreased discounts and increased levels of customer service would be passed on to small and mid-sized businesses. Unishippers listens to the pain points within a company’s current shipping process and then uses a streamlined method to help them scale their business to provide rates and customer service generally reserved for Fortune 500 companies. As advocates for small business, Unishippers will work directly with proven carrier partners to provide correct information they need to ensure any red flags are addressed.