Properly Prepping Express Packages for the Holidays - Unishippers

No one likes to receive broken packages, so be sure to properly prepare your express shipments this holiday season. Following this list of simple—yet sometimes overlooked—steps will help ensure your important packages arrive safely.

1. Pack Appropriately – Start with a new, rigid box designed to hold the weight of your shipment, and use adequate cushioning material inside the box as a buffer. Reinforce the opening and seams of your boxes with 2-inch-wide clear, brown, reinforced or paper packing tape.

2. Forgo the Pretty Strings – While it may add an extra merry touch to your packages, do not use items that can get caught on the conveyor belts used to sort and ship packages. Materials like twine and string could damage your shipment and incur additional costs.

3. Protect Labels – Especially over the holidays when snow and sleet are common, protecting shipping labels is an important step you shouldn’t overlook. If a label gets damaged, your shipment could be delayed. Use a label sleeve or place a strip of clear packing tape over the address area to protect your shipping label from snow or sleet. It also never hurts to put a duplicate label inside the package.

That’s it! With these 3 quick tips, you can spend more time celebrating this holiday season. Of course, your team of shipping experts at Unishippers can also help you with a customized holiday-shipping-plan-of-attack. Contact your Unishippers office and get a full holiday shipping assessment today.