Nurturing Brand Identity - Unishippers

An effective brand identity goes far beyond a cool logo or sexy color scheme. It’s more than a memorable name or a catchy tagline. A good brand identity encompasses more than even a product or service. It’s a first impression. An elevator pitch. The experience someone has when they think of you. A company’s brand identity should be evident from its first interaction with an audience to its last.

A well-defined brand identity influences the way you market to consumers and includes your company’s visual, emotional and conceptual identities. Following a few basic principles can help you build and maintain a strong identity that ultimately pays off with loyalty to your brand.

Be consistent with your name and visual identity.

Make sure you are using the same company name and logo across all external communications, including your website, email signature, social media platforms, marketing materials, trade events, advertising and even customer invoices. Consistent representation of your brand is the first step in building a strong brand presence.

Use a consistent voice.

When you communicate with your audience, you want to develop a tone that aligns with your service or product and to which your target market can relate. Your brand voice should be an extension of your visual brand.

Leverage the emotional appeal.

When customers think of your company or see it represented visually, how do they feel? Identifying and understanding the emotional appeal of your brand allows you to better connect with your core audiences as you communicate your company’s values.

Know your company’s mission.

Identifying the values your company stands for and how they support your brand allows you to craft a strong mission statement that you and your employees can look to when making decisions for your business. That mission statement will become the North Star for your brand.

Stay true to your brand.

Integrating your brand into every aspect of your business allows you to present a unified and cohesive image to customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. The level of commitment to your brand is reflected in how you allow your brand to be represented, both internally and externally.

Consistency in your branding efforts will create exponential value for your business. Consumers will be able to more easily identify your brand based on the characteristics you’ve established and more fully recognize your company’s growing presence in the marketplace—all while you reap the financial rewards of providing consistent brand reinforcement in every interaction.