Manage Your UPS Rates by Avoiding These Three Common Shipping Mistakes

Avoid these common shipping mistakes to help lower your UPS® rates—and improve your bottom line.
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When you’re busy managing a business, shipping best practices can occasionally get pushed to the back burner. But did you know that rushing through your small package shipping prep could actually be raising your UPS rates?

Learn three of the most common express shipping mistakes you could be making—and how to avoid making them!

  1. Using boxes that are too big for your shipment.
    The higher of your package’s actual or dimensional weight (the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight) is used to calculate your UPS rate. Shipping air is expensive! Using an oversized box will unnecessarily raise your dimensional weight—and your costs. Keep the correct size of packaging on hand so you can ship your packages securely—and without costly unused space.
  2. Using the wrong service level.
    There are a number of UPS delivery options to choose from depending on what is in your package, where it needs to go and how quickly it needs to get there. The sooner your shipments need to arrive at their destination, the higher your UPS rates will be. Make sure you understand which service level you need—whether it’s ground, 3-day, or faster—to avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. Forgetting to proof your shipping information.
    Simple mistakes on your shipping paperwork can lead to additional costs in transit. For example, you may incur an Address Correction Fee if you provide an incorrect delivery address. This fee can also be charged for an incomplete address if you forget to enter the suite or unit number. Avoid additional fees by double-checking that your shipping information is correct and complete before pick-up.

We want to help you get the most value for your shipping dollar. Contact Unishippers to learn how we can help you get the best rates for your UPS shipping.

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