How to Set Up a Default Commodity in Freight Manager - Unishippers

If you ship the exact same thing the majority of the time, this handy feature on Freight Manager is for you! By creating a Default Commodity, your shipment information will automatically populate each time you quote or prepare a freight shipment (think: class, weight, description, dimensions, NMFC code, etc.).

Interested? Follow these easy steps below to get started:

Step 1: Go to My Preferences

Log in to Freight Manager. Go to “My Settings” and select “My Preferences” from the drop-down menu. Next, select the Freight Default Values tab.

My Preferences

Step 2: Pull Up Your Commodity List

Click on the search icon located next to the “Default Commodity” text on the page to pull up your Commodity List. You will need to have at least one entry in your Commodity List to select in order to set up a default commodity in Freight Manager. If you do not have a Commodity List, read our blog article How to Create a Commodity List on Freight Manager in 3 Steps.

Search Icon

Step 3: Select Your Default Commodity

Select the commodity you want to set as the default from your Commodity List by first clicking on the commodity row and then hitting “Select Commodity.” If you have a long list of commodities, remember that you can search the entire list by entering the name, description, class, NMFC, weight or quantity in the dark blue section at the top.

Searchable Fields

Step 4: Save Your Default

Now, hit the “Save” button on the Freight Default Values tab. All done! Now, when you get a freight price quote or prepare a freight shipment, your selected default shipment information will auto populate in the Handling Unit section. If you happen to send a shipment that doesn’t match your Default Commodity, you can easily change it by either manually typing over the auto-populated fields with the correct information or pulling up your Commodity List and selecting a new commodity to replace it by clicking on the search icon in the Handling Unit section. (Remember, you need to set up your Commodity List first before you can do this).

Commodity List


You can always contact your dedicated Unishippers account team today for help.