How to Manage and Create Commodity List - Unishippers

If you repeatedly ship the same commodities and dislike repetitive tasks, we’ve got your back (and your sanity)! You can create a searchable Commodity List on Unishippers Freight Manager so that you don’t have to manually enter in the commodity details each time you prepare a shipment (think: class, weight, description, dimensions, NMFC code, etc.). Follow the three easy steps below to create your own commodity list and save some time!

Step 1: Go to Manage Commodity List Page

Log in to Freight Manager. Go to “My Settings” and select “Commodity List” from the drop-down menu. Next, on the Manage Commodity List page, select the “Add” button at the bottom of the page. An “Add New Commodity” pop up window will appear.

Commodity List

Step 2: Enter in Commodity Information

Enter in the commodity information, including name, class, weight, description, dimensions, NMFC number, etc. When you are finished, hit “Save.” Repeat this step to add additional commodities. You can add as many commodities to your Commodity List as you wish. *Pro tip: If you always want to receive a freight insurance quote for a specific commodity, be sure to enter in the insurance commodity type, value and condition, too.

Step 3: Auto Populate Commodity Info When Quoting and Booking Your Shipment

Now, when requesting a freight price quote or preparing a freight shipment, you can quickly access your commodity list in the “Handling Unit” section. Simply scroll down to the “Handling Unit” section on either the “Get a Freight Quote” page or the “Prepare a Freight Shipment” page and click the “search” icon in the “Search” field. This will bring up your Commodity List. You can then either manually select the commodity or search the entire list by entering the name, description, class, NMFC, weight or quantity in the dark blue section at the top. When you select your commodity, Freight Manager will then automatically populate the Handling Unit section with all the information. Voila!

Handling Unit

Searchable Fields

So Many Commodities to Add but So Little Time?

Again, we’ve got your back! You can download our handy Unishippers Commodity List Template (found on the Manage Commodity List page) and enter in your information all at once via an Excel spreadsheet file. Or, even better, your Unishippers office can import a commodity list for you. Contact your dedicated account team today for help.