4 Ways to Save on Inbound Shipping - Unishippers

When it comes to shipping, many small and mid-size business owners tend to focus on maximizing efficiency with outbound shipments while overlooking potential savings for inbound ones. Intrigued? Read on!

With the competitive state of the current marketplace, implementing a rigorous program to manage inbound shipments can minimize delays, trim your bottom line, and increase your shipping’s predictability and reliability.

By partnering with Unishippers, you have four easy ways to save on inbound shipping:

Save Money

Many vendors mark up inbound shipping costs! Your Unishippers shipping consultant can analyze your inbound and provide you with solutions on how you can save (and avoid those markups). Plus, we’ve developed strong relationships with the best carriers so you can save even more money. From UPS® express, ground and international to LTL, full truckload, air freight and more, we can arrange your shipments to be picked up and delivered practically anywhere.

Save Time

Unishippers will work with your vendors to book and manage your shipments—and can even provide a customized Routing Guide so they can easily contact us to arrange your shipping. Or, simply list Unishippers’s contact information on the purchase order forms you give to vendors and we’ll take it from there.

Save Paperwork

We offer consolidated invoice options and reports that provide complete details of all your shipments, regardless of carrier and shipment type, so you can get the total shipping picture.

Save Trouble

Inbound, outbound, express and freight: we do it all so you don’t have to. Our dedicated team of shipping experts will make sure you and your vendors get the service you deserve. It’s all a part of our Platinum Service benefits, developed for businesses just like yours.

Want some additional guidance? Reach out to your Unishippers team for a top-to-bottom assessment of your shipping program. They can evaluate all aspects of your outbound and inbound shipments and provide a plan that improves predictability and reliability within your company’s supply chain and enhances overall customer service. Give them a call today!